CEO Message

BioD is a global provider of molecular biological related equipment under the corporate philosophy of growing together with customers. In particular, we have rapidly joined the third generation of market through the introduction of next-generation experimental technology and digital PCR, which have been recognized overseas. In addition, In order to supply the customers with the most comprehensive equipment necessary for the experiment, we have established an attached research institute for the research of domestic universities and institutional research institutes. and In order to support the service, we carry out the experiment service tailored to the convenience of the customer Now, Biod is an innovative company in the field of biotechnology and life sciences. We are looking for various approaches to experimental equipment and biotechnology and strive to improve our products & services based on the idea of growing with our customers. All employees of Bio-D strive to contribute not only to the growth of the company but also to the growth of the bio industry. I would really like to express my deepest appreciation to our valued customers for the continued interest and support. Thank you.

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