완벽 통합된 정제 농축 시스템-KR2i TFF System
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완벽 통합된 정제 농축 시스템

KR2i TFF System


Fully Integrated and Easy-to-Use

KR2i TFF Systems Hollow filter 카트리지와 flat sheet 카세트 홀더를 활용해 용도에 따라 멤브레인의 타입을 선택할 수 있으며실험실 규모에서 생산 규모까지 시료 여과농축, harvest 등 다양한 목적으로 여과 장치를 활용하실 수 있습니다.


Automatic Backpressure Value (ABV)

 Automatically adjusts its pinch distance to exert and maintain user-defined set-points for the Inlet, Outlet, Permeate, or Transmembrane Pressures

 The ABV decreases the chance of membrane fouling by maintaining a uniform TMP

 Controls the Permeate pressure and flow during MF applications

 Reduces operator process management time

 Decreases tangential flow filtration processing time


KF Comm Data Collection Software

 Records 12 real-time operating parameters

 Calculates 8 processing parameters

 Automatically graphs data in VBA-enabled Excel based software

 21 CFR Part 11 compliant when used with optional software package


Digital Pressure Monitor

 Measures and displays 4 pressures

 6 user defined pressure alarm-set points with auto-shutoff options

 6 user defined weight alarm set-points with auto-shutoff options





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